We're Recognising Top Employers

We're Recognising Top Employers

Being a Top Employer is more than just having a suite of policies around flexible working and work-life balance.

A Top Employer is one who takes an holistic approach to all their employees and recognises that individuals don’t leave part of themselves behind as they walk through the office door.  A Top Employer understands that they need to create a positive and nurturing environment in order that employees feel safe, included and in control and able to deliver high performance.  Top Employers will take steps to make sure that the policies and practices which form the framework for the working environment are actually embedded in organisational culture.  Evidence shows that where flexibility is integrated into the way an organisation works, financial performance, employee well-being and productivity are increased.

Top Employers all demonstrate the practical application of a worklife balance approach to employment. Policy is not enough. Worklife balance policies need to be embedded in an organisation’s culture to ensure that it is embraced across the whole workforce in all its diversity. In this respect, small businesses  may have an advantage where the culture is easier to influence, due to scale and familiarity. Larger organisations may have to take a more methodical approach to ensure that worklife balance becomes a reality for all employees.

The Top Employers Benchmark survey is open to our Employer Members and is designed to help you understand your current position and identify areas of future focus that will enable you to deliver a lasting positive impact on your organisation’s bottom line. 

For organisations to survive, it is vital to adapt and innovate. The challenge is how to do this and also provide the flexibility employees need to balance their own, ever intensifying lives.

In addition to the Benchmark survey, we also identify and celebrate specific areas of good practice through a series of special awards.  

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